Bird Sound Generator

The Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) is a recent framework proposed to improve the performance of generative models by introducing adversarial training techniques. For this, two different Artificial Neural Networks are trained simultaneously: a Generator, G, and a Discriminator, D. The Generator learns the distribution of the training data and tries to generate new samples fromContinue reading “Bird Sound Generator”

Battleship with GUI in Python

Following up the last post, where a Battleship game was built entirely with Python, the next step is to give the complete experience to the player with a graphic user interface (GUI). Tkinter is the standard Python package to build GUIs, having a lot of support and working on different operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux,Continue reading “Battleship with GUI in Python”

Battleship game in Python

The rules are simple. Each one of the two players has a grid of equal size and has to define the secret position of the ships in the grid, knowing that these can’t overlap nor, sometimes, be attached to one another. Each ship corresponds to a consecutive line of n squares, where n is theContinue reading “Battleship game in Python”