December 1997

I was born in Torres Novas, a city with traces of the primitive men and evidence of the Roman presence, officially part of Portugal since 1190 and where many kings passed and important medieval battles took place.

September 2015, Porto

Began the Master in Bioengineering – Biomedical Engineering, in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

January 2017

Began working as an undergraduate researcher at INESC TEC Porto, where I was involved with data science projects to predict physiological signals and later developed a complete project involving Electronics, Android programming, IoT devices and Data Analytics.

September 2019

Admitted to Cisco Incubator Program, where I learned about Networking and IoT, as well as soft skills like management and customer experience.

September 2019

Began working as Master Thesis researcher at INESC TEC Porto, applying complex AI models to detect fingerprint counterfeits.

September 2020

Began working as a Data Scientist and Python Programmer at Anova, representing Smart Consulting.
My main role was to turn a proof of concept into a working software product, automating the processes in an Azure infrastructure, as well as conducting data analysis experiments for performance assessment and creating dashboard prototypes in Python for a better visualization. More lately, with start of the investigation of new machine learning options, I participated in frequent discussions about the paths to follow.

April 2021

Began working as Data Scientist at iLoF.
Currently developing and optimizing machine learning models for several different projetcs, supporting and developing the cloud infrastructure and also developing applications for product monitorization.